Sunday, 1 July 2012

Week 8

Adele had bus qualms again today ..... we missed the first one, then as she went to get on the second bus she cut her finger open and had to get off! So she came to Motaung with us. There was no lessons today so we went with Mr T to help out with tea break and showed Adele round. It was good to let someone else see our placement and introduce them to some of the kids we have worked with, it made me appreciate it more knowing that she had seen it. The most disstressing moment I’ve had in Botswana happened today aswell.... we dropped Adele at the bus stop then got the bus back into town. The conducter man asked me how I was so I was like “oh wonderful thanks, how are you?” and we said “I am ill becasue I saw you!” :O.... its safe to say I will be making more effort when I go out now.
Tuesday I had my history lessons at Matsha again. This week was on Versialles and WW1 peace treaties..... a blatent hoot and a half. Wednesday we went to TXY and helped with maths lessons and english lessons then I cought the bus to Gabs so I could meet the Queen. 
Thursday was the party at the British High Commissioners house for the good old Liz’s birthday and jubilee in one. I went shopping with Callum in the morning so he could attempt to buy shoes for his massive feet but seeing as all the men in Botswana are dwarfy he had to squeeze into a size 10 .... It was so swanky, the food was amazing and we met some pretty important people but the best bit was the free pims! Sadly, Liz couldn’t come which was a shame but it was still amazing and has helped me decide that I will dedicate my life to becoming a socialite extrodinaire and just go to rich peoples parties all the time.
On Friday I went back to Kang with Adele and Nikita. We got the 6am bus, it was horrible, I fell asleep and a small child apparently spent the whole journey wacking me on the head with a bottle .... the little beast! Nikita was in Kang this time last year and has come back to Botswana for a month so came to visit friends. Its been cool going around Kang with someone who knows it just as well as the four of us. Friday night we went searching round the back of the house for fire wood and came back with a few bits of tree.... however Reggie sorted us out so the “fire fairy” Adele was on it like a tramp on a sandwich with her duties once again. We had a fire and drinks and music and just chilled. I will miss fire so much back home, I’m planning on building a fire pit in my Dad’s garden.
Saturday we all got semi-hungover brunch at Kang’s Kitchen - fat cakes and soup = the best hangover cure ever! There was a talent show on at Matsha so we headed down to check it out, it was meant to start at 10am, we rocked up at 1 and it still hadn’t started, it ended up starting about half 4 .... The Botswanan’s are down with time keeping! Despite the hefty wait the talent show was actually really good and the kids of Kang are epic dancers. It was a small piece like African big fat gypsie wedding at some points :S
On Sunday Massimonyani from TXY came round for tea with her son Joseph and Gabelo (Patty’s son). We had tea and biscuits like proper elderly women but it was really good hanging out with Massi outside work. Today was a sad day as we had to give our puppies Biggy and Nala back to Simon as we had to go to Gabs for meetings and didn’t know how long it would take! After the distressing farewell to the dogs we got the bus back to Gabs. I got my third KFC in a week and the staff remembered me! One lady actually came out from the back to say Hi to me ....... I think I need to start being less of a fatty and avoid KFC in future!

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