Sunday, 1 July 2012

Week 7

Monday was my 18th birthday ... again :). We were still at Abraham’s game park. These guys call it a farm but the African definition of farm is somewhat different to the British one. Me and Faye had shared a room and woke up soooooo cold it was as if we were in the Arctic tundra not the African desert! So we slithered out of bed and built up the courage to get dressed then shivered over to get coffee! Christy had made me the most beautiful necklace for my birthday so I had something to remind me of where I spent my birthday. Then everyone sang happy birthday around the table at breakfast. Unfortunately we had to leave early so we could get back for work so we headed back to Kang. Abraham drove us the long way out to see if we could see anymore animals; we saw some Ostriches with babies strolling along then saw Zebra and Wilderbeast charging across the pan - it was amazing and the type of thing you expect David Attenbourough to be narrating. 
Tuesday we had to wait home for the plumber as our bath gives us electric shocks so today was fair boring. In the evening we decided to go to Kings and Queens one of the bars in Kang for a drink for my birthday. It was such fun! We put Uptown Girl by Westlife on the jukebox on repeat to harass Faye Tray as its her favorite song ...... it’s not, but its hilarious when you dance like no-one is watching (LOL). It is definitely the song of Botswana!
Wednesday we were at Motaung making plans with Mr T for Motaung’s Got Talent. We put up all the posters around the school only to find them pulled down the next day - after repeating the process for about a week with the same results we gave up on the talent show as the school was being douschy about it!
Thursday and Friday were mid placement reviews which we’re not allowed to talk about as they are confidential but it was all good as we weren't sent home :)
On the Friday Kenny, Neel, Callum, and Adele came down for my party. We got back from reviews early so just spent Friday playing in the sun in the garden. Neel was such a drunken mess! I beat everyone at centurion :D Saturday we went to the Salt pan and took some hilarious pictures and then got lost in the bush on the way back home. Saturday night was my party of which I can remember little other than that tonight I beat Neel at centurion but lost to Callum :(.... apart from that all I remember is waking up on Sunday to Adele downing a can of black label, the classy sophisticated woman that she is! Sunday everyone went home but Adele who had bus qualms so we went back to the salt pan to sunbathe then just monged out at home and went to bed about half 8 because we are so hardcore!

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