Sunday, 1 July 2012

Week 6

This week was pretty standard in terms of placement, just taught guidance and counseling lessons at Motaung on Monday then school was cancelled Tuesday due to exams so we spent the day making plans. We finally got our next allowance a week late and I went straight to the Meat Market and bought 17 Black Cats (the worlds most amazing chocolate bar) so that I could have a hefty supply as we ate every single green and red black cat in Kang in the first two weeks of placement so I wanted to be prepared for when the inevitable happened and selfish other people bought them all! Thursday there was no lessons at Matsha again so we made plans (exciting times!). However Friday was distressing as I taught my first ever history lesson! The Matsha history teacher got transferred so they have 2 teachers for 2000 students so to save the day I stepped in and now have my own two form 5 European history classes :S! This week was on the Balkans and bought back some hilarious memories of Alevel history..... its safe to say I am a massive geek and clearly was a massive keen bean in front of the kids!
Saturday Esther had the P.A.C.T kids round from Motaung for a bonding workshop...... Me Emma and Faye basically hid inside then snuck out into town as it was not the time for 30 rowdy 15 year olds! The whole thing went well until one of the kids stole a cigarette from Esther’s hand-bag and they all got sent home early. We bumped into them walking back from town and they warned us that she was maaaaad! 
Sunday was epic. Emma and Esther had met this man called Abraham in town ages ago who said he owned a Game Reserve and wanted us to come for a game drive so after weeks of excitement today was the day! The ginger Afrikaans came and picked us up and we were in the back of the pick up truck for the 40ish km drive - driving in the back of a pick up is so much fun, so long as its only for about 10 mins, by the end of it we all looked like we had lost a fight with a hedge!. Abraham and his family have to be the kindest most welcoming family I have ever met, they went to so much effort to make us feel welcome and gave us such an amazing experience. And man can his wife bake - I think if I lived there I would be fully obese from cake. Their kids Stefan and Christy took us on a game drive and we saw Wilderbeast and Vultures...... apparently we went to the wrong side of the farm as the others on the otherside saw everything! We did however glance through the fence into the Central Kalahari Game Reserve which is the second biggest game park in the world! After feeding the goats and playing with the babies we went back and ate Wilderbeast for dinner around the camp fire.... wilderbeast actually tastes amazing, Sainsburys needs to put in an order! After food we ate more amazing cake - milk pie - I’m not allowed dairy but this was so worth it. We went on a night drive and saw wilderbeasts, zebras, owls, bat eared foxes, jackals, spring hares (which look like foxes with no front legs and hop along like kangaroos!) and a wide variety of deer/antelope based animals. Stefan ran over a bird with the truck and we all screeched from the roof for him to stop so he reversed so we could get pictures of the squished corpse but when he reversed the bird was just stood under the car all casual then waltzed off as if nothing had happened! The night drive was awesome, there was no lions and stuff as its more of a hunting game reserve rather than a Safari but it was still fun. It was nice having someone put so much effort into making you feel welcome and making sure that you had a good time that it didn’t matter that I never got to skip through the bush with a baby lion and a zebra!

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