Saturday, 7 July 2012

Week 10

This was our last full week in Kang so was a week of tying up loose ends and saying some very emotional goodbyes! We were drastically trying to sort out things for a meeting and inspection at TXY. The first half of the week was spent stalking people from the Brigade to sort out some kitchen shelves..... we had arranged with them to come almost everyday for the past 3 weeks and everyday they came up with some stupid excuse. So on Thursday we basically cried in Malatsa’s office then frogmarched him and Baruti to TXY and watched them put up the shelves. 
Wednesday we all had to get up super early to be at Motaung by half 7 for an assembly where we would say bye to the kids. It was all fine until Emmanuel told us how much he was going to miss us then we all shed a small tear. On Thursday we had a children's tea party planned at TXY so we could say goodbye to the kids there. It was so much fun, We made English style party food like sandwiches, crisps and fatty treats then attempted to get them to play pass the parcel..... they were so rubbish Patty ended up pretending to pass it from each child, opening it for them then just giving them the sweets! However, once we got into musical statues and musical bumps everything got competitive and Massi got so into it she ended up beating a small 4 year old girl! Thursday was also our leaving party from Kang - one of the teachers from Motaung is an actual DJ so as our leaving present he set up all his DJ equipment on our porch and provided the music. We actually had a DJ on our porch at our party it was epic! 
Friday we all turned up to TXY a little worse for wear - Massi included, and started sorting the finance reports from 2011/2012 which was such a ball ache and basically took all weekend.

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